Haute Swapping for a Cause Tickets Now on Sale!

Ladies in Nashville, want to spend a day shopping the closets of some of  Nashville’s trendiest socialites and raising money for a local non-profit? Tickets for Haute Swapping for a Cause have gone on sale!  


The event will take place September 18 from 5 – 10 p.m., at the Velocity in the Gulch. There will be shopping, mixing, mingling and an opportunity to be treated to massages and facials in the Sephora Haute Lounge, sponsored by Cherubim Ink. Sephora will be featuring their new Temptu application, while Cheribum Ink makes over attendees.

There will also be a silent auction leading up to the swap as well as food and drinks provided by Emeri Pink Moscato and Vitamin Water Zero! There is so much more happening on September 18 – YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS OUT! More details to come in the future, however we are excited to announce that HER Nashville and the Nashville Downtown Partnership have sponsored this Haute event!

Click the link above to take you to the Eventbrite checkout.

The first 50 ladies will receive a Haute gift bag loaded to the brim!

We want to swap with you!!

~Stay Haute ~


Haute Swapping for a Cause is COMING SOON!

Ladies in Nashville,  if you love to shop but can’t seem to fit the increasing prices into your budget monthly we have a great suggestion that adds a twist to finding new threads.  Haute Swapping for a Cause.

Swap Parties are an alternative way for people to “shop.” Lots of women, and sometimes men, get together to swap items from their closet with others. Its more of a thrifting idea, but in a social setting. The night is filled with fashion, fun and in our case philanthropy. Haute Swapping for a Cause was created last year as a way for Haute Candy, Inc., to give back to the community.

As you know, I am one to shop cost consciously and thought that the idea would be a great way to get women together in the community who, like me, love finding fashionable deals. So, last year Haute Swapping for a Cause was held in Hillsboro Village and raised money for the YWCA Weaver Domestic Abuse Center. Local recording artist Casme’ performed, DJ Art provided the music, we had several fashion “booths” setup to give tips on styling, makeup and hair, and the Tennessean came out! We had A LOT of fun while raising money for a great cause.

This year, Haute Swapping for a Cause will be held September 18 at the Velocity in the Gulch. The event will raise money for the Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee. I am excited to say that planning is going extremely well! We have some Haute things happening this year. Our event is being sponsored by Debortoli Wines – Emeri Pink Moscato, Velocity in the Gulch, Smart Water Zero and HER Nashville!

While I won’t divulge ALL the details today, I will tell you that the silent auction is going to be HAUTE. Nicole Kidman has donated an item to our event as well as many others and the “Haute Lounge” is something you don’t want to miss! So, LADIES (sorry fellas) be on the look out for more information. Tickets will go on sale this month and the event is limited to 200 people. The first 50 ladies will receive a Haute Goodie Bag.

For more information email: info@hautecandy.org

Follow us on Twitter: @hauteswapping

Thanks to Green Turtle Marketing for developing our logo! Go Green!

~Stay Haute~

Is Making Up all that Its Cracked Up to Be?

I find it unusually funny that I never get excited about wearing makeup. I’m not one to spend hours upon hours in front of the mirror applying eye shadow, foundation and blush.  Maybe this “beautifying” flaw comes from a parental decision made by my mother.

Like every other girl, at 12 years old, I was excited about and anticipating my upcoming teenage years. I believed that turning 13 and then turning 16, were both going to be monumental moments in my life.  In my opinion calling myself a teenager at 13 and then be able to wear makeup at 16, one could not tell me I had not arrived.

When 16 came, I remember riding in the car with my mother and announcing that I could now wear makeup. This woman – that I love dearly, might I add – turns to me and says, “16? I thought we agreed you would start wearing makeup at 18.” Now, by this time in my life, I knew when to argue with her and I planned to save my arguments for something “bigger” than applying additives. So, I let it go.

By the time 18 rolled around, I had no desire or excitement to wear makeup. Yes, I apply a foundation daily to “even” my skin out. But, honestly I don’t need it. You see, I have freckles and in my opinion they sometimes look like pimples and on occasion I dislike them :(, so to cover them up, I wear a foundation.  Most, if not all, of my friends wear makeup and know how to apply it.  Because I have worked with a few photographers,  I have started wearing it more and learning how to apply it.  I now have a client who is a makeup artist, who has taught me a lot, and  has plans on teaching young girls much more than any popular teen magazine.

Makeup by Trecie, a Nashville body painting and makeup artist, has developed a first-of-a-kind makeup camp for young girls in Nashville.  Girls Learning About Makeup (GLAM) Academy is a one day camp, where Contrecia Tharpe, owner of Makeup by Trecie, and her team will teach 30 young girls (12-18 years old) about makeup application and techniques.  Contrecia developed the camp as her way of giving back to the community through an art form that she is very passionate about. GLAM Academy will be held August 14 for the “Little Sisters” of the Big Brothers Big Sisters program of Middle Tennessee.

Follow Makeup by Trecie on Twitter @makeupbytrecie and @hautecandyinc for more details.

Click here to read the press release http://bit.ly/bGvtlJ .

~Stay Haute~

Fashion Friday’s is at it Again ~ The Last Train to Paris

Last week kicked off Fashion Friday’s at Pearl Fusion Restro with the Alter Ego Black and White Affair. This week, Pearl is doing it AGAIN, this time for one of fashion’s HAUTEST groups, the models. No doubt, models are definitely an intricate part of the fashion scene. Nashville is making leaps and bounds in this ever popular genre, particularly with the announcement of the first Nashville Fashion Week.

Although, we haven’t heard much about Fashion Week, Fashion Friday’s plans to recognize several of the men and women who are surely to grace the stage in September. Join the staff at Pearl THIS FRIDAY for “The Last Train to Paris,” Model Appreciation night. Not only will Pearl be hosting its regular Friday night specials, this Friday will be sponsored by Gazela Wines and the owner of Pearl has announce 2 for 1 wine until midnight!

This is a GREAT place to get your weekend started right, with the perfect atmosphere for lounging and mingling! And, we all know models like to give back, this Friday a portion of the proceeds will go to Second Harvest Food Bank during the upcoming Haute Swapping for a Cause (September 18).

So, I hope you see you all there – you never know who may just decided to pop in!

~Stay Haute~

To Be Early is to Be…to Be on Time is – You Get the Picture…

 Over the weekend I participated in a photo shoot with photographer Marshall Latimore, owner of Mpact Media, and Contrecia Tharpe, owner of Makeup by Trecie. We had an outstanding shoot at Fort Negley Park in Nashville with probably some of the best weather we have seen over the last few weekends, to shoot on location.

Initially, I was NOT supposed to shoot, however had I not been prepared as a backup model this would have been a wasted day for each of us. I was approached by Marshall to collaborate with him and Contrecia, to offer wardrobe styling for a FREE photo shoot that he wanted to offer to interested models. It was my impression that we would have two maybe three models who wanted to take advantage of his “mini” mega-shoot. My sole responsibility for the shoot was to work with him on developing the concept and offer wardrobe assistance, day of.

Several days before the shoot, Marshall sent me a list of the individuals with their contact information. From the list, I noticed three girls had turned into two. Which, was quite alright. As many of you know, working on location with a large group can be consuming. Make a long story short, so that I can get to the “meat” of this post – I contacted both girls, left messages detailing what they needed to bring and where it would be.

Saturday arrives and one young lady called and said she was not going to be able to make the shoot. The other young lady NEVER called and NEVER showed up. My question to my readers, is this…when has FREE become FREELY WASTE MY TIME? (disclaimer: this post is in no way geared towards the two individuals, in fact I don’t know either – it is however to discuss a topic of professionalism in the world of modeling.)

TFP or TFD. I bet some of you are wondering what those acronyms mean. Trade for pictures or trade for disc. Many service providers such as photographers, models, hair/makeup artist and wardrobe stylist offer their services FREE to build portfolios. This does not mean that you do not get the same quality of service or product as someone who is paying but rather that we are helping each other out in a sense. Somewhat of a “resume” builder in the modeling world.

Time is money, time is precious and time cannot be gotten back. Let’s all be respectful of others and their time. In an era where EVERYONE wants to be a model, there is no room for unprofessional-ism. These types of service providers are in high demand. The higher up you get into the modeling industry, there are some who will not tolerate foolishness and have enough respect to ruin your career. Now none of us would do that, but it is a let down when you clear your schedule to help someone and they don’t show up. In the future I recommend rescheduling at least 24 hours in advance and ONLY if it is an emergency. “To be early is to be on time, to be on time is to be late and to be late is totally unacceptable.”

Here are two of the most commonly search tips for models:

  • Be on time, if you can’t there on time let the Photographer know otherwise you will get a reputation for being late or not turning up. This could hurt your future assignments as no one will book an unreliable model!
  • Professionalism is imperative for success in the industry, and it begins with punctuality.

Modeling can be and is fun, but it is also a business like any other. Although your lifestyle may vary and the excitement can reach all new heights, remember to take it serious. Imagine if another photographer had showed up to the shoot and in one “no show” branded these young ladies as not being serious enough for the industry.

At any rate, check out some of the photos from this weekend! We had a great time just enjoying the park.

~Stay Haute~