So…Now, That I Know the Definition….How Do I Become a Taste-maker?

Part 2 of a 3 part blog

  “We just started another event called “Pretentious Swank,” said Gary Whitlow of the G2Experience and one-seventh of the Tastemaker creators. A Private Guest list Party, the first event was hosted by producer extraordinaire Bryan Michael Cox, Royce from VH1’s hit series, “Basketball Wives, and Tiffany from Oxygen’s number one rated show, “Bad Girl’s Club.”

Yesterday Daily Dose of Hauteness helped kick-off the first-ever Taste-maker, “This is the Life Weekend,” with an exclusive interview with “Mr. Taste-maker,” Gary Whitlow. We touched on what a Tastemaker was and how seven young entrepreneurs in Nashville came together to create the model now being patterned as an elite and inclusive “must-do” monthly event.

I’m sure many of you participated in the community service activity, the happy hour at Tayst or the official kick-off party at Karma Ultra Lounge. In fact, while at the salon yesterday, I saw at least three people who confirmed they were getting their hair touched up before heading to the happy hour. This is the type of excitement Whitlow and his partners were trying to create when developing the first exclusive three-day weekend Nashville has seen.

Let’s be honest, there have been others in the past who have compiled a listing of parties hosted by their companies, organizations and the likes – but none have joined activism with networking with entertainment while spicing it up with a party here and there. The last time I remember a compilation as such, were Greek weeks in undergrad.

While everyone is busy trying to be a “socialite” (no pun intended Karma) none realize that a true socialite gives back to the community before partying; they are known for their philanthropic contributions way before their red carpet flicks hit the blogs. This is one of the reasons that we knew Tastemaker Weekend was going to be a success – Pretentious Swank isn’t about just socializing. But, really, you’ve got the community service down – you’ve learned to network via the happy hour and you party “karmawasted” style as Dolewhite and Scooby, on-air personalities for 101.1 the Beat, would say.

But does any of this make you iconic? Does it make you a Taste-maker? What about your appearance?

When doing research for this posting, I came across a good list of things that one must have to be considered a “taste-maker.” “How to be become a Fashion Icon,” posted on gave some insightful tips. Below are the top two suggestions.

• Knowing how to dress is key. Choose a few key looks that will suit your lifestyle and body type, and implement them into your current wardrobe. Make sure to put your own spin on a look.

• Write down a list of words you want to describe your look or vibe. Then, compare that list with the items from fashion magazines that you like, and that will suit you well.

So what does Whitlow think?

How does fashion fit in to the Tastemaker experience? 

The definition of a Taste-maker is one who popularizes fashions and trends, therefore it is extremely important. We strongly encourage people to “SHOW UP TO SHOW OUT.” We want people to bring there “A” game, in terms of their appearances. That’s why our dress code states: Dress code & Behavior restrictions are at the discretion of theg2experience management and pertain not merely to articles of clothing, but more importantly to STYLE, EXECUTION and ATTITUDE.

Who are your target audience?

We have set out on a journey to engage and entertain Nashville’s most inspired. We want individuals who take pride in their nightlife experiences, and understand what it means to Work Hard and Play Harder.

Alright, tonight’s event: Two of Nashville’s own, recording artist Rio and female vocalist Casme’ perform at Veranda. Doors open at 7 p.m. Casme’ performed at last year’s Haute Swapping for a Cause in Hillsboro Village and we LOVED it. I’m sure this is going to be a HAUTE, relaxed event and great R&B.

Looking for something to wear? It is Friday, so unlike Thursday we can change it up a little and “let our hair down,” so to speak. Below are three very different looks that may be possible for this evening.

The first is a Tutu and attacked tank dress from – ready? Wal-Mart! LOL, no really I was grocery shopping and came across this dress on the sale rack and had to snatch it. I paired it with riding gloves, glasses and accessories.  Great 80’s look with a 2010 twist.

The second is a light sweater dress. I like this option because it is not so light and not so heavy –  and the detail on the dress is crazy. What’s even better is my shoes were black/pink (can’t see them)  as well, matching the detail of the dress. I wore my glasses with this outfit – had the “sexy” teacher look going; (LOL).

Dress #3 is another great find..this is a dress from Target. I seem to always find cute dresses while browsing isles for food and home goods. My best shopping is done 30 minutes before Target closes. I really love this dress! It fits wonderfully and is extremely comfortable. Ladies, for those of us, who hate our little bulge in the belly area, the ruffles/layers down the front really hide that nicely. Paired with Nine West snake-skin replicas and clutch.

Of the three outfits, my favs for tonight would be 1 and 2. I’m betting this event is going to be somewhat similar to a listening party and while dress #2 is HAUTE, I think you may want to save something similar for a later event.

Make sure you are at Veranda at 7 p.m., and rest up for Part 3 of this blog as well as pretentious Swank “Black and White Party,” tomorrow!

Also, check out Fab Glance Nashville for other ideas!

~Stay Haute~


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