Is Making Up all that Its Cracked Up to Be?

I find it unusually funny that I never get excited about wearing makeup. I’m not one to spend hours upon hours in front of the mirror applying eye shadow, foundation and blush.  Maybe this “beautifying” flaw comes from a parental decision made by my mother.

Like every other girl, at 12 years old, I was excited about and anticipating my upcoming teenage years. I believed that turning 13 and then turning 16, were both going to be monumental moments in my life.  In my opinion calling myself a teenager at 13 and then be able to wear makeup at 16, one could not tell me I had not arrived.

When 16 came, I remember riding in the car with my mother and announcing that I could now wear makeup. This woman – that I love dearly, might I add – turns to me and says, “16? I thought we agreed you would start wearing makeup at 18.” Now, by this time in my life, I knew when to argue with her and I planned to save my arguments for something “bigger” than applying additives. So, I let it go.

By the time 18 rolled around, I had no desire or excitement to wear makeup. Yes, I apply a foundation daily to “even” my skin out. But, honestly I don’t need it. You see, I have freckles and in my opinion they sometimes look like pimples and on occasion I dislike them :(, so to cover them up, I wear a foundation.  Most, if not all, of my friends wear makeup and know how to apply it.  Because I have worked with a few photographers,  I have started wearing it more and learning how to apply it.  I now have a client who is a makeup artist, who has taught me a lot, and  has plans on teaching young girls much more than any popular teen magazine.

Makeup by Trecie, a Nashville body painting and makeup artist, has developed a first-of-a-kind makeup camp for young girls in Nashville.  Girls Learning About Makeup (GLAM) Academy is a one day camp, where Contrecia Tharpe, owner of Makeup by Trecie, and her team will teach 30 young girls (12-18 years old) about makeup application and techniques.  Contrecia developed the camp as her way of giving back to the community through an art form that she is very passionate about. GLAM Academy will be held August 14 for the “Little Sisters” of the Big Brothers Big Sisters program of Middle Tennessee.

Follow Makeup by Trecie on Twitter @makeupbytrecie and @hautecandyinc for more details.

Click here to read the press release .

~Stay Haute~


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