Fashion Friday’s is at it Again ~ The Last Train to Paris

Last week kicked off Fashion Friday’s at Pearl Fusion Restro with the Alter Ego Black and White Affair. This week, Pearl is doing it AGAIN, this time for one of fashion’s HAUTEST groups, the models. No doubt, models are definitely an intricate part of the fashion scene. Nashville is making leaps and bounds in this ever popular genre, particularly with the announcement of the first Nashville Fashion Week.

Although, we haven’t heard much about Fashion Week, Fashion Friday’s plans to recognize several of the men and women who are surely to grace the stage in September. Join the staff at Pearl THIS FRIDAY for “The Last Train to Paris,” Model Appreciation night. Not only will Pearl be hosting its regular Friday night specials, this Friday will be sponsored by Gazela Wines and the owner of Pearl has announce 2 for 1 wine until midnight!

This is a GREAT place to get your weekend started right, with the perfect atmosphere for lounging and mingling! And, we all know models like to give back, this Friday a portion of the proceeds will go to Second Harvest Food Bank during the upcoming Haute Swapping for a Cause (September 18).

So, I hope you see you all there – you never know who may just decided to pop in!

~Stay Haute~


To Be Early is to Be…to Be on Time is – You Get the Picture…

 Over the weekend I participated in a photo shoot with photographer Marshall Latimore, owner of Mpact Media, and Contrecia Tharpe, owner of Makeup by Trecie. We had an outstanding shoot at Fort Negley Park in Nashville with probably some of the best weather we have seen over the last few weekends, to shoot on location.

Initially, I was NOT supposed to shoot, however had I not been prepared as a backup model this would have been a wasted day for each of us. I was approached by Marshall to collaborate with him and Contrecia, to offer wardrobe styling for a FREE photo shoot that he wanted to offer to interested models. It was my impression that we would have two maybe three models who wanted to take advantage of his “mini” mega-shoot. My sole responsibility for the shoot was to work with him on developing the concept and offer wardrobe assistance, day of.

Several days before the shoot, Marshall sent me a list of the individuals with their contact information. From the list, I noticed three girls had turned into two. Which, was quite alright. As many of you know, working on location with a large group can be consuming. Make a long story short, so that I can get to the “meat” of this post – I contacted both girls, left messages detailing what they needed to bring and where it would be.

Saturday arrives and one young lady called and said she was not going to be able to make the shoot. The other young lady NEVER called and NEVER showed up. My question to my readers, is this…when has FREE become FREELY WASTE MY TIME? (disclaimer: this post is in no way geared towards the two individuals, in fact I don’t know either – it is however to discuss a topic of professionalism in the world of modeling.)

TFP or TFD. I bet some of you are wondering what those acronyms mean. Trade for pictures or trade for disc. Many service providers such as photographers, models, hair/makeup artist and wardrobe stylist offer their services FREE to build portfolios. This does not mean that you do not get the same quality of service or product as someone who is paying but rather that we are helping each other out in a sense. Somewhat of a “resume” builder in the modeling world.

Time is money, time is precious and time cannot be gotten back. Let’s all be respectful of others and their time. In an era where EVERYONE wants to be a model, there is no room for unprofessional-ism. These types of service providers are in high demand. The higher up you get into the modeling industry, there are some who will not tolerate foolishness and have enough respect to ruin your career. Now none of us would do that, but it is a let down when you clear your schedule to help someone and they don’t show up. In the future I recommend rescheduling at least 24 hours in advance and ONLY if it is an emergency. “To be early is to be on time, to be on time is to be late and to be late is totally unacceptable.”

Here are two of the most commonly search tips for models:

  • Be on time, if you can’t there on time let the Photographer know otherwise you will get a reputation for being late or not turning up. This could hurt your future assignments as no one will book an unreliable model!
  • Professionalism is imperative for success in the industry, and it begins with punctuality.

Modeling can be and is fun, but it is also a business like any other. Although your lifestyle may vary and the excitement can reach all new heights, remember to take it serious. Imagine if another photographer had showed up to the shoot and in one “no show” branded these young ladies as not being serious enough for the industry.

At any rate, check out some of the photos from this weekend! We had a great time just enjoying the park.

~Stay Haute~

New Event Alert: Fashion Fridays, Nashville, Tenn.

There is a new event in Nashville, Tenn., Fashion Fridays. The event is specifically for those who love fashion. Not your typical fashion event, Fashion Fridays is NOT a fashion show, trunk show or anything in between. But, rather an event where the couture savvy can come and mix, mingle and enjoy a great lounging experience.

The event kicks-off next Friday, July 23 at Pearl Fusion Restro with the “Alter Ego Experience.” We all have another, “Haute-er,” side to us and we want you to bring that side out at Fashion Fridays.  July 23 is the Black and White Affair, so as you guessed the attire is black and white.

Pearl is a fusion restro specializing in sushi and a variety of dishes from pasta’s to wings. There will $5 drink and food specials ALL night and VIP is available for parties interested in celebrating a special occasion. Space is limited and it usually fills up, so I recommend getting there EARLY! Doors open at 10 p.m.

Check out the flyer – from the looks of things, this is definitely going to be a HAUTE event.

~Stay Haute~

2 be or not 2 be…No, Really Who are You??

 Portray (verb) means to depict something or someone visually or in writing.

While growing up, you can say I lived a “sheltered” life. Former classmates will tell you, they never or very rarely saw me at popular preteen gathering sites, because my parents wanted to keep me out of trouble. Now like many youngsters, I’m not sure if the trouble found me and attached itself or if I went looking for it, but needless to say – I’ve done a few things that I should not have. But, one thing I have NEVER done is portray myself to be something I am not.

Several days ago, a few colleagues of mine were discussing, on twitter, a young lady who has portrayed herself as being a top-notch public relations practitioner – even “repping” for clients such as Trey Songz, Amber Rose, Kim Kardashian and others. In a world where I can get almost all information at the stroke of a key, I wonder why so many are portraying themselves to be something they are not.

My folks from Memphis, Tenn., would call it “flauging,” pretending to be cooler than you are or something you are not ( the even funnier thing is I actually found the definition of Flauge on the Internet). But seriously, in our personal and professional relationships, it is becoming increasingly common for people to be what you want them to be, one that gains them clout or praise, and not who they are.

I have come across many a men who lie about this or that, in fear of what you might say or your actions. I often wonder, have they ever tried being truthful? To me, the truth will set you free! I know a lot of people say this but, seriously, telling me the truth gets you so much farther with me than a lie. Because of my PR background, I am a researcher. I am one that will not stop looking for the REAL answer until I find it – I never really care if in the end it’s going to damage our relationship professional/personal because to me its more about “breaking” the case. Typically if I ask you something and I ask it more than three or four times, I already know the answer. Sad thing is, usually he still lies or “portrays” and here I am left wondering how to digest this new piece of information.

In my professional life, I have come across a number of people, like my colleagues, who says he or she does this or that, and usually they are flauging 🙂 The one great thing about most PR folks is that we talk to each other. To be communicators, I agree that this doesn’t happen as often as it should, however once you get us talking we won’t stop. So, it took no time for my colleague to find out the young lady was lying. Now being an aspiring PR person who WANTS to rep the above people is one thing, but to misrepresent your experience is something totally different.

We have a number of networking avenues that, are open to aspiring PR, that we use to communicate. One such opportunity is the PoweR Conference. A teleconference held monthly by Candice Nicole PR. This was the first month and I can tell you it is a valuable tool! There is nothing wrong with asking for help or being the lowest rung of the ladder. We have all been there – but portraying something or someone you are not, is a quick way to tarnish your reputation. And, please, please do not do this portraying on social networking sites such as FaceBook and Twitter. This is harmful to you and the situation. Only makes for a difficult recovery from what has occurred.

So, here are a few ways to spot someone who is portraying or “lying:”

  • A guilty person gets defensive.
  • Liars sometimes avoid “lying” by not making direct statements. They imply answers instead of denying something directly.
  • The guilty person may speak more than natural, adding unnecessary details to convince you… they are not comfortable with silence or pauses in the conversation.
  • Using humor or sarcasm to avoid a subject.

And of course there are MANY your research. These types of people don’t just happen in male/female relationships or Public Relations – they are everywhere. Make sure you know how to spot them.

Today’s Outfit (Throwback):

Black Cami – Forever 21

Royal Blue High-waisted Skirt – H&M

Black Thong Sandals – Express

~Stay Haute~

Move over Queen – there is a New Denim Heir in Town

  Airess and Church Brings Royalty to Fashion


Last month I wrote a blog about networking and its advantages. One of the newest and probably most commonly used networking tools, is social media. With a key stroke you can be connected with just about anybody. Social Media sites such as FaceBook, Twitter and MySpace (does anyone still use this) can create wonderful opportunities if used properly.

For instance, on Twitter (, I am following @iamdiddy, @jawar, @issachayes3 @johngotty and a number of other key influential people in the entertainment and fashion industry. This site gives me an opportunity to connect directly with people that years ago, I would have to jump through a lot of red tape – just to get their email addresses. Most, if not all, people follow you back, which means you can have direct conversations with them without going through managers, publicists and “gate keepers.” For instance, @jawar and I speak occasionally and can connect, through Direct Messages (DM’s) without everyone else seeing the conversation. This allows for some privacy, you still do not want to freely give out your personal contact information, such as your phone number or email address – so Direct Messaging provides an email atmosphere to send messages.

Through direct messaging I have been able to set up client interviews, connect other people and be referred to people I should follow. One such follow was, @airessandchurch.  Several months ago, I was twitter searching (looking for people to follow) and came across their page.

Airess and Church is a lifestyle brand that began in Manhattan in 2005 and was fully developed in 2007 by then Cross Media Marketing Executive Courtney Wilson in a partnership with the company’s current Creative Director, J. Jackson. The company designs, markets, distributes and licenses their own collections.

Airess & Church has incorporated an innovative design with edgy progressive denim inspired by Americas vast urban landscape, with emphasis on modern silhouettes and a sleek fit to create the Signature limited edition Native Soil Collection. That came directly from their website – what does it mean to us? These jeans are certified HAUTE!

Jeans, jeans and more jeans. We all love them right? Their jeans come in one fit – the Classic, with three different styles; The West Village, Lenox Square and Roxborough. Each piece in the collection has been designed for women, who like us understand the importance of a signature pair of jeans in our wardrobe – you know, the ones you can rock with a tee, button down, cami and a blazer.

As a lifestyle and fashion publicist, I am always looking for quality products. Now you won’t find these jeans in a flagship store. Airess and Church has vowed to never sell their jeans in stores. Their motto is, “Never in Stores, Always in Style.” They love the direct contact with potential buyers. In fact, they are the first brand to ever launch their line via Twitter. Airess and Church’s pre-launch begin June 28 via the social networking site. Don’t have a Twitter account yet (what are you waiting for)? You can also visit their website for more information at They are definitely bringing the royalty to jeans! These have been stamped and approved – and what makes them even more exclusive is I can’t walk into five different stores and find 100’s of them lying around. Yep, move over Queen – there’s a new Heir in town!

Check out some of their looks below!!

Make sure you follow @airessandchurch and my PR Company @hautecandyinc on Twitter we would love to tweet you there!

~Stay Haute~