Shopping the Models Closet..

As a stylist often times you will be required to style models using pieces in their own wardrobe collection. Which just happened to be the case this past Sunday.

I had the privilege to work with the Nashville Fashion Collective (NFC) and a few local models for the upcoming Nashville Lookbook. NFC is putting together a book that represents Nashville fashion on a variety of levels and concepts. This particular shoot was inspired by the “romantic spring” concept. Think long flowing materials, ruffles, silks, ect.

While talking with the models they discussed how hard it was coming up with pieces to fit the look. In fact, in a scan of my closet, I probably couldn’t piece together an entire outfit consisting of ruffles. But, a key reason to providing wardrobe or bringing wardrobe to a shoot is variety. You want to make sure you bring at least 10 different pieces for the stylist to choose from. These pieces do not necessarily need to come together to make an outfit per say, but they must be items that you feel comfortable in and can be partnered with other items in your traveling wardrobe.

Make sure you also bring an array of accessories and shoes! accessories really bring an outfit together, even if the pieces seem a little off centered. And finally, have a great photographer and makeup artist. This week we worked with Ed Bodnar and Kina, aka MsKas. Both are really talented and made the shoot seem seemless.

As the stylist, you want to also make sure that you are comfortable giving suggestions. You are basically putting together the result of a photographers vision. You also want to make sure you are in clothing you can move around quickly in all day.

Yesterday was scorching! I almost wanted to go in a bathing suit, but decided against it. However, we truly had fun and all plan to work with the NFC again!  Professional photos and added wardrobe styling tips coming soon!

Yesterday’s Outfit

Red cami – Target

H&M high-waisted shorts – Music City Thrift

Red Lime Light sandal – Plato’s Closet

~Stay Haute~


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