Nashville Weekends = Rainy Days…

I think New Edition said it best, “Can you Stand the Rain?” Absolutely NOT! For the last three to four weeks, it has rained every weekend in Nashville. It is said that this has been the most rain we have seen since the mid-1970’s. Don’t get me wrong, I know that water equals cleansing and growth, however being in the house or experiencing more than usual gloomy days has become depressing.

There are some good things happening because of the flooding and continual rain. The Nashville community and surrounding cities have come together to raise money and aid in the cleanup. In fact, I read this morning that by the end of the night, last night, the Nashville Flood Telethon had raised $1.7 million. There are some ways locally and nationally for people to get involved. Many organizations are assisting with cleanup as well as accepting donations. People are really interested in getting help to gain some type of normalcy in their lives.

Speaking of normal life again, this past Saturday I decided to try to take the puppy to the dog park. It was overcast, but I hadn’t seen a drop of rain all morning. So, I felt he would at least get to have a little fun and tire him out all at the same time. Just because the weather was down, I felt that my outfit didn’t need to be. I wanted to be casual, yet cute at the same time, if I ran into someone I knew.

Needless to say, by the time I finished dressing and driving the 15 minutes to the park, it started pouring down. 😦 So, unfortunately, we turned around and headed home. Once home, of course the sun came out. I could do nothing but laugh, while he’s looking at me just as confused as my thoughts were.

Today’s Outfit:

Urban Renewal (Urban Outfitters) Shirt – Plato’s Closet

Leggings – Target

Riding Shoes/Loafers – Old Navy

I had never heard of Urban Renewal, so I decided to Google it and found out that it is a line by Urban Outfitters made from vintage, deadstock and surplus materials. Which, is probably why it is extremely comfortable and looks vintage.


~Stay Haute~


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