You Can Have Whatever You Like…Dress That Is

Digging through folders on my computer I came across a few outfits that I never posted on Blogger, and it just so happened that one of my favorite dresses ended up in this folder.

Ladies on a budget try to get the most for their dollar. We look for pieces that we can pair multiple ways and create a number of looks. Dresses are no different, which is why the Convertible Dress probably has to be one of the BEST inventions.

The dress typically has a fitted or flared bottom with long, thick straps at the top that can be twist, turned and wrapped multiple ways to create a look tailored to your style and body.

My first introduction to the dress was in the Victoria’s Secret catalog, which carried the dress in at least 10 different colors. Since its introduction, I have seen the dress listed as a six, 10 or 12-way dress and can even be purchased as a bridesmaid dress. I think it’s a wonderful idea that companies are now offering dresses that bridesmaids can wear more than once. It’s even my understanding that American Apparel has a dress that many are labeling the “100 Way” dress.

I think I’m going to try row 2, number 3 – looks very cute! Either way, wanna save a buck or two, invest in a Convertible Dress and I’m sure you will have a new outfit each time! New shoes and new accessories, make for a new look and a new you 🙂

The Outfit

Convertible Dress – Plato’s Closet

Italina Sling back shoes – The Shoe Boutique


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