Business on a Casual Day…Casual on a Business Day


Working from home these last few months has really redefined my business casual concept. Those who really know me, know that I am one who spends a great deal of time putting together an outfit. Yet, it seems that the last few months have been spent in PJ’s and Lycra pants. Although, this has been extremely comfortable on most days, this style of dress typically does nothing for your creativity.

So, to get the “juices” flowing again, I’ve decided to develop several outfits that include my latest necessities for comfort ability while remaining business-like. Most recently, I have taken a lot of business meetings and must at least look like I know what I’m doing.

I have to admit coming from corporate America, I am loving the freedom of wearing what you want with a twist. Which leads me to the question, “What is really considered business casual?”

Business Casual has been described as the opportunity to work in a more relaxed yet still business type of clothing. When I worked at the Public Relations firm, business casual was considered dress slacks, button down shirts, nice blazers. While at the university, business casual included sundresses and sweaters, open-toed sandals and Friday’s with jeans. Most companies fit somewhere between the two categories. With the introduction of “relaxed” casual, which is what today’s outfit includes, many are finding it difficult to meet the guidelines of the office, while on a budget.

The vast age range of employees is also a reason. Baby Boomers grew up believing that in a corporate office of any type, you must be in a suit. Generation Y, those born in the 70’s and 80’s, lost the suits and opted for sports coats and khakis, while Generation X believes that anything goes from boots with dresses to “after 5” dressed down.

We have probably seen it all at one point or another and often shake our heads wondering how this fashion disaster happened. But, it can be over come. For women, one of the key pieces to a business casual closet is a skirt. Skirts can be worn with pretty much anything. Pair it with a blazer and you have dressed it up, loose the blazer and grab the blue-jean jacket and you have a totally different outfit.

But, what about pants? Today’s outfit include flared high-waist cotton pants with a tank and fitted ¾ sleeve blazer. The outfit is very comfortable, keeping you in the casual mode, however the blazer adds the business twist. Complete with accessories and you really can be business and casual at the same time.

Today’s Outfit

Lux ¾ Blazer – Plato’s Closet

Pants – Thrift Smart

Express Sandals – Express

~Stay Haute~


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