Shopping the Models Closet..

As a stylist often times you will be required to style models using pieces in their own wardrobe collection. Which just happened to be the case this past Sunday.

I had the privilege to work with the Nashville Fashion Collective (NFC) and a few local models for the upcoming Nashville Lookbook. NFC is putting together a book that represents Nashville fashion on a variety of levels and concepts. This particular shoot was inspired by the “romantic spring” concept. Think long flowing materials, ruffles, silks, ect.

While talking with the models they discussed how hard it was coming up with pieces to fit the look. In fact, in a scan of my closet, I probably couldn’t piece together an entire outfit consisting of ruffles. But, a key reason to providing wardrobe or bringing wardrobe to a shoot is variety. You want to make sure you bring at least 10 different pieces for the stylist to choose from. These pieces do not necessarily need to come together to make an outfit per say, but they must be items that you feel comfortable in and can be partnered with other items in your traveling wardrobe.

Make sure you also bring an array of accessories and shoes! accessories really bring an outfit together, even if the pieces seem a little off centered. And finally, have a great photographer and makeup artist. This week we worked with Ed Bodnar and Kina, aka MsKas. Both are really talented and made the shoot seem seemless.

As the stylist, you want to also make sure that you are comfortable giving suggestions. You are basically putting together the result of a photographers vision. You also want to make sure you are in clothing you can move around quickly in all day.

Yesterday was scorching! I almost wanted to go in a bathing suit, but decided against it. However, we truly had fun and all plan to work with the NFC again!  Professional photos and added wardrobe styling tips coming soon!

Yesterday’s Outfit

Red cami – Target

H&M high-waisted shorts – Music City Thrift

Red Lime Light sandal – Plato’s Closet

~Stay Haute~


Fashionology Was a Success!

Good afternoon everyone! I am pleased to announce that Fashionology 2010 was a huge success! As I mentioned yesterday, we were listed in more than 10 media outlets and last night featured on News Channel 5’s 10 o’clock news!

Needless to say, I am mentally drained. I feel hung over, yet I did not even drink! As promised, you guys will get a full write-up, once the photos come in from the photographers. I will discuss everything in detail! Below is a slide show of pictures taken with my digital as well as a photo of what I thought was one of the hautest outfits of the night!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As you know, I don’t post on the weekend. So, I will be back Monday!

Hautest Outfit:

Black/White 8o’s Glasses

Black Boyfriend Jacket

Black/Rhinestone Bra

Red Belt

Red American Apparel Leggins

Black/White Lace Booties

~Stay Haute~

Fashion Awaits – The Countdown to Fashionology 2010!

For the last week, it has seemed as if my days are beginning to run together. As I mentioned in Tuesday’s post Fashionology 2010 is today! There is still time for you to join us for a wonderful event. This is a great opportunity for the City of Nashville to come out and experience a night of haute couture while benefiting Hands on Nashville (HON) and Metro Public Schools (MNPS). The creators of Fashionology are asking that all attendees bring items for flood victims or school supplies for the LP Pencil Box.

I must say that I am extremely excited about this event. So far, we have secured more than 10 placements in print and online media as well as two interviews! Overall, my client is happy with the services I have provided and has mentioned working together in the future.

Speaking of the future, many of you know that I am in the process of trying to relocate. Yesterday I had the privilege of participating in a phone interview with a Public Relations agency in the city in which I would like to live. I must say that after researching the company and speaking with the people I am very excited about the possibility! The company is relatively small, which I love, and the two ladies that I spoke with seem very warm and supportive of growth and development while letting you be creative. I really believe that this will be an ideal situation for me, one that will aid in my advancements in the field and offer me hands on experience with individuals who have many years of expertise . They talked about how each person is involved in a number of professional organizations as well as continued education, both key factors for me. Hopefully in the coming days or week, I will have a posting on the proper attire for an interview (let’s hope) 🙂

But today, duty calls! I hate to cut you guys short and I apologize for not posting yesterday, but as I mentioned on Tuesday, I’m in pitch mode! Back to pitching news stations and wrapping up last-minute activities. I promise there will be a wonderful post on Friday!

Today’s Outfit:

Grey Sweater – Plato’s Closet

Black Cami – Forever 21

Ripped Boyfriend Jeans (on sale) – Forever 21

Black Patent Belt – Old

Black Rhinestone Two Finger Ring – Cherry Bomb (Atlanta)

P.S. I absolutely LOVE Cherry Bomb in Atlanta! Probably one of my favorite shoe and accessory stores, Cherry Bomb is located in Little Five Points and carries some of the hautest items I’ve ever seen! If you’re ever in the city, make sure you stop by!

~Stay Haute~

Green Means I’m Growing!

I read somewhere that the color green means, “growth or the renewal of life,” so I guess yesterday’s ensemble was appropriately put together!

Life is growing and changing in so many positive ways. My friends can tell you, these last six months have been very trying for me. I was thrown some personal and professional obstacles that I have to overcome. While each has been a learning experience, I will say that I accepted the challenges and am working my way out of both.


So, in a “green” state of mind, I can tell you I’m growing! I am working on a few projects and if you’re in Nashville I would love for you to support one of my endeavors. Fashionology 2010 is a local fashion show, highlighting local designers as well as raising money and non-perishable items for Hands on Nashville and school supplies for the LP PENCIL Box. S.E.V.E.N. Promotions, the group responsible for Fashionology, will also be presenting the Seven Ways Scholarship from proceeds to a deserving high school student.


The event takes place on Thursday, May 20, at the Cannery Ballroom. Admittance is $20.

Also, on Sunday, I will be styling a fashion shoot for a local photographer and modeling group and I have a phone interview for a Public Relations agency tomorrow! So as you can see, green and growth are making their way into my life – and it’s a good thing!!

Today’s outfit:


Green Banana Republic Sweater – Thrift Smart

Black Cami – Forever 21

Black and White Linen skirt – K&G Factory Outlet 

Yes, I got my Michelle Obama on! By the way, the skirt was only $5 on sale! 🙂

~Stay Haute~

Nashville Weekends = Rainy Days…

I think New Edition said it best, “Can you Stand the Rain?” Absolutely NOT! For the last three to four weeks, it has rained every weekend in Nashville. It is said that this has been the most rain we have seen since the mid-1970’s. Don’t get me wrong, I know that water equals cleansing and growth, however being in the house or experiencing more than usual gloomy days has become depressing.

There are some good things happening because of the flooding and continual rain. The Nashville community and surrounding cities have come together to raise money and aid in the cleanup. In fact, I read this morning that by the end of the night, last night, the Nashville Flood Telethon had raised $1.7 million. There are some ways locally and nationally for people to get involved. Many organizations are assisting with cleanup as well as accepting donations. People are really interested in getting help to gain some type of normalcy in their lives.

Speaking of normal life again, this past Saturday I decided to try to take the puppy to the dog park. It was overcast, but I hadn’t seen a drop of rain all morning. So, I felt he would at least get to have a little fun and tire him out all at the same time. Just because the weather was down, I felt that my outfit didn’t need to be. I wanted to be casual, yet cute at the same time, if I ran into someone I knew.

Needless to say, by the time I finished dressing and driving the 15 minutes to the park, it started pouring down. 😦 So, unfortunately, we turned around and headed home. Once home, of course the sun came out. I could do nothing but laugh, while he’s looking at me just as confused as my thoughts were.

Today’s Outfit:

Urban Renewal (Urban Outfitters) Shirt – Plato’s Closet

Leggings – Target

Riding Shoes/Loafers – Old Navy

I had never heard of Urban Renewal, so I decided to Google it and found out that it is a line by Urban Outfitters made from vintage, deadstock and surplus materials. Which, is probably why it is extremely comfortable and looks vintage.


~Stay Haute~